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2023 Texas BBQ Challenge

Patch_BBQ Challenge_cropped.jpg

Our Cowboy Chapter of Austin H.O.G. Road Captains have committed to leading 9 chapter rides throughout 2023 each ending at a different BBQ restaurant in Texas. To complete the 2023 challenge, you need to participate in a minimum of 6 of the 9 rides. The only proof needed for completing the challenge is to have signed in on the ride sign in sheet for at least 6 of the 9 rides. These rides will be identified on the ride calendar as BBQ Ride #X to make it clear the ride is considered 1 of the 9 BBQ rides eligible toward earning the challenge patch.

All current Cowboy Chapter of Austin H.O.G. members who successfully complete the challenge will receive the patch shown (or the yearly rocker patch if you’ve previously received the “Texas BBQ Challenge” patch). Below is the current list of scheduled BBQ rides:

Ride #1                 Salt Lick BBQ (Driftwood)                              02/12/2023

Ride #2                 Black’s BBQ (New Braunfels)                        03/12/2023

Ride #3                 Schoepf’s BBQ (Belton)                                  04/15/2023

Ride #4                 Warehouse BBQ and Meetery (Burnet)     05/06/2023

Ride #5                 Luling City Market (Luling)                            06/03/2023

Ride #6                 Burnt Bean (Seguin)                                        08/19/2023

Ride #7                Ronnie’s Ice House (Johnson City)               09/02/2023

Ride #8                 Terry Black’s (Austin)                                      10/07/2023

Ride #9                 Baker Boys BBQ (Gonzales)                          11/18/2023


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