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Ride Levels

Most rides planned by the Road Captains and Activities committee are simple, relatively short rides that anyone can enjoy, regardless of their experience level.  This is, however, a RIDING group and some events are planned only for more experienced riders prepared for a serious road trip.  If the ride level is not specified, you should consider it to be a Level 1 event where riders of all skill levels are welcome to participate. 

Level 1

100 miles or less in one day (miles listed are ONE-WAY!)

Top speeds between 55-65 mph

Easy Ride for all skill levels

Maintained Roads

Level 2

100 to 300 miles per day, may include overnight stay

Highway riding at highway speed (70 mph)

Experienced skill level recommended

Some roads will be challenging

Rain possible

Up to 100 miles between gas stops

Level 3

300 to 500 miles per day over multiple days

May require highway speeds for extended periods

Very experienced skill level required

Difficult roads in varying conditions, day or night

Rand and/or bad weather probable

(rain gear recommended)

100+ miles between gas stops



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